Clean Menu for Web Design


A menu is one of the most important parts of a website. The menu is the place where a website visitor goes to navigate through a website. Without knowing where to navigate properly, the website visitor may not get the information needed from a website and exit out the website completely. Not having a clean and easy to find menu on your website will surly increase bounce rates. When bounce rates are increased, search engine results will go down and this is primarily because google will assume that you do not provide the most informative content that you say you do on your website. Its very important keeping your menu as easy to find as possible. Read the 3 types of menus to avoid and the 3 types of menus that are in style today.

3 Types of Menus to Avoid

1-Hidden Menus: Will confuse a website visitor.

2-Too Fancy: Too many effects will slow down the effect and website overall creating an unfavorable experience for your visitor.

3-Too Small: A tiny menu can be hard to see and navigate through.

3 Types of Menus that are in Style

1- Mobile Menu: Has 3-4 white bars in the middle of the page.

2-Sidebar Menu: The side bar menu is opened when clicking a button at the left side or right side of the page.

3-Mid Section Menu: A menu right in the top mid section of your website. Very clean look.