How to get your web design company on a top ten list


The top ten list of anything is pretty had to get on, but for web designers there is also a good chunk of competition. If you are a web designer and you are reading this. Ask yourself, who doesn’t want to be on the top 10 list? If you are a web design company, that question also applies to you even further.

What it takes to get on a top 10 list?

1-Client. You gotta have great references to back you up. Its always a good idea to showcase your reviews and some website development sites online will always ask your recent clients, project budget, and some may even want to speak to your clients. Yep, it goes that far! Overall, you need to have great client relations to increase your online recommendations and become much more reliable.

2-Design Talent. Yes, i do call it design talent. Everyone may know PHP, JS, and CSS, but it all depends what they create with it. A web designer also needs to be an artist and an art is a talent. A great web design company will always pick out certain designers that have great perspectives when creating website designs.

3-Full Portfolio. Variety of work will showcase what your company has done through the years. This is great to showcase when you are listed on a top 10 web design gallery site or just a top 10 web design company site. A portfolio of your recent work is also another great idea.

4-Branded Name. The internet is full of results so you must make sure that no one has your company brand name. Branding yourself online is a great way to increase company credibility through other sources.

5-Be On Time. Some online contests have a certain timeframe that they will except submissions by, so be sure that you are on time to apply.

Getting on the top 10 list of web design, ui animations, or even to showcase your company can be achieved by successfully following the 5 ways above.