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ntw designs

NTW Designs is a professional web design company that has years of experience in web design, graphic design, and SEO.

You can look them up or click their official site URL right here: Ntwdesigns

We have asked NTW Designs to give some professional design opinions in regards to web design and company online evaluation.

7 count questionnaire with the Designer Company Team at NTW Designs.

1- Why is web design important?

‘We have now entered a time where technology has rule a big part of communication.  With this said, most businesses now have a website online to showcase their company. However, having a great web design is the key to attracting attention online for your brand.’

2-How does NTW Designs handle web design differently than any other web design company?

‘At NTW Designs, we place detail in our web design. We have expert web designers that have been designing in html,css,php for many years and with years comes great experience. All the designs at NTW Designs are up to date with the latest trends out there in web design.’


3-How does NTW Designs work?

‘We have an easy online application process. Doing this for many years, the CEO of NTW Designs decided that it was a much more accurate and fast process to collect information in this form.’

4-Do you have an example of your application process?

‘Yes, we have created a video so everyone can see what the application process looks like inside.


5- What do you think of mobile devices and their impact on web design?

‘For every client, we always recommend and design a mobile friendly web design. As we already mentioned, technology has advanced in a very very fast pace these 3 years. Mobile website visitors are a large group of individuals that must not be let down, with this, we must always design mobile friendly web design.’

6- What are the 3 rules to follow to create a mobile friendly web design?

‘The first rule is to be responsive. With all these new devices out, there are different screen sizes. A responsive layout is the main remedy for all other devices.

The second rule to create a mobile friendly web design is to increase font size. 97 percent of all devices that exclude desktops and laptops have small screen sizes. A large font size will make web text much more readable on all small devices.

The third rule to create a mobile friendly web design is to include the viewport tag in the head section of a website. This is one of the most important ruled tags for mobile design.’

7-Do you have any recent work to share? 

‘Our most recent work can be located: http://www.ntwdesigns.com/Portfolio.html

Web design scoop had a great time interviewing NTW Designs and we look forward to another great interview with the NTW designs team in the future!