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The optical view of a website is one of the most important things to create in web design. However, aside from a website standing out to the web visitor just because it has a great design, there is also a performance aspect  to it. Ntw Designs is a web design company that creates the best performances web designs. By reviewing 2 of their most recent clients, an E-Commerce store, and a software company,  Ntw Designs has given a grade A performance on those sites. 

How performance affects website design and user actions on a website?

Website performance is very important. Now most web designers or design companies out there focus to much on enhancing the speed of a website and increasing the performance. This is because most web design companies only stress about creating great visuals on a  website and everything else, well that is another service that SEO agencies will always have room to provide. So how does performance affect a website design? If a website design is not built by certain coding standards from the start, then it can lead to bad internal coding, which will lead to other issues for the website. 2018, people are all focusing on having great convenience and satisfaction online. This means that web visitors want things ready and easy. So a website needs to be accessible and visually look and work the same on all devices. If there is something off inside the website coding, it can indicate that the design will drag the performance ( especially on some browsers). Being that theres is a chance that the performance of a website will not work as high as possible of the website design is coded with errors, this indicates that the performance of a website needs to come into great focus for every web development project.

What are some tools to test for performance.

There are free tools online to test out your websites performance. If you just had a website built and you are curious to see how well your site performance actually is. The first tool you can use is GTMetrix: https://gtmetrix.com/

This website provides a website grade, speed analysis, and internal requirements that all affect the performance of a website. The best part about this site is that it will grade in real time your website. It is a free tool and gives you great information and web analysis.

Another great tool ( there are many of them) so you can do just a simple search on google for this, a responsive website checker. Usually this type of checker will check if a website is responsive on all browsers. Some tools may have graphically updated their preferences and will show your website through a computer desktop screen, laptop screen, mobile device, and ipad. However, this unique tool can be used for other reasons, like seeing how a website visually looks and works on other devices. At times, some web designers may not test things, so it is your job to know if your web designer has done that or not. Usually the top web design companies will most likely test that the design looks the same on all devices, but  if you site was created by a smaller boutique agency, then it is best to test it out yourself.

Performance and Web Development

To concluded, website  and performance must work very well with one another. Web visitors expect to have everything simplified online. So to increase your user interaction on page, there needs to be fast speed, great web performance, advanced coding techniques to ensure compressed and error free coding, and a great visual website design. NTW designs is a web design company and digital agency known for creatively designing sites that have high graded performance.