Search Engine Optimization and Social Media


Search engine optimization is a very important part of web designing. A good web design is compared to 0 if you not being tagged properly and becoming visible on google. We have composed an easy list here that will show you some quick fixes you can do for your website.

1- Meta Tag Every Page – Different tags on each page.

2- Multi Page Preferred – Multi page has more optimization flexibility.

3-Remove Effects- Heavy effects will make your website slower and this will be even worse for mobile.

4-Compress Css- Compressing your CSS for lighter coding.

5-Lower Page Kb Size – Lower your page KB size to increase a webpages speed.

Social Media Tips for SEO

Just like on page search engine optimization is important,social media has become highly popular in the last 2 years. Having a good foundation on social media is know favored as it builds up your companies reputation and trust on the web. We have created an easy list that you can do for your social media marketing free.

1- Custom images- Create a custom image that can be passed around for many likes.

2-Share your Blog-Sharing your blog will allow your website to expand even more on the web.

3-Post your Vids-Posting videos on the web about tutorials can grow your followers and increase website visits.

4-Be Open- Be open and communicate with as many of your fans as you can. The more you do, the more will come.

5-Be Constant. Become very constant with publishing. If you publish every Sunday and Wednesday, make sure you don’t miss those days ever!

Social media marketing can be a job it self,but the reward can pay off for all the hard work.