Top 5 Reasons To Stick with Multi Page Web Design


A multi page design has been around for many years. It has been proven to be a much better choice for google. There are many key benefits to using a multi page design for your website. One of the main benefits is of course optimization. You have the option to customize every page and add meta tags to every single page with a Multi page design. This leads to more efficient and trusted ranks on google. Also, page count on a website is always another plus for seo. 

Top 4 Reason to remain with your Multi Page Web Design

1-Keep your separated links. ( example: About.php,Contact.php,Review.php)

2-Focus Optimization. Have an option for different meta tags on every page.

3-More Curiosity. Viewers will click that next page on your nav button only if really interested in your content.

4-Lighter Weight. Being that every page has its own purpose, your page will be lighter as all things aren’t crammed into one single space.

Having all your content such as about,reviews page, and contact in one page can give you a great disadvantage to sharing a specific link. Like for example, if you would like to share your reviews link on a multi page design, you would have the link right at the top to copy and paste from. However, if you wanted to do the same thing for a one page design, you would only have a link of your home page. This is one of the main reasons why we do prefer multi page website designs. They are more efficient and robust. You have the option of customizing and having every page get indexed separately on google.